Commercial Roofing

Whether it’s a building owner, design professional or roofing contractor calling the shots, choosing the right commercial roofing system for a building or project is one of the most vital decisions that can be made. The right roof will protect an investment for decades, while the wrong one could result in not only costly repairs but damage to the building and its contents – in a worst-case scenario, an early tear-off and re-roofing may be necessary.

As the metro DC area’s commercial roof leaders, we help our clients make informed decisions and discuss our commercial systems to help them choose the one that best fits their needs…and because there are a plethora of available types on the market, this comes in quite handy. We can assist with any commercial roof project with expert services that encompass:

• Adhered Roofing Systems (for low-sloped, uniquely shaped or pitched roof applications composed of non-nailable substrates such as pre-cast or pre-stressed concrete, cementitious wood fiber or gypsum)
• Mechanically-Attached Roofing Systems (featuring metal plates fastened in the membranes overlap, spaced according to the roof’s wind uplift requirements)
• Standing Seam Metal Appearance (for projects that call for a metal roof appearance with the watertight integrity and design flexibility of a thermoplastic roofing membrane)
• Hybrid Systems (multi-layered, high-performance solution using superior time-proven materials)
• Metal Retrofit Systems (membrane is welded directly to specially-coated plates used to secure the insulation or hardboard to the deck)
• Vegetated Roof Coverings (such as popular green roof systems)
• Solar Roofing Systems
• Ballasted Roofing Systems
• Liquid-Applied Roofing Options

Commercial Roof Repair Services

Going beyond the scope of installing new commercial roofs, we also offer premium commercial roof repair services. When your company’s headquarters experiences a roof leak, it’s essential to hire a company that can locate the source of that roof leak quickly and make repairs in an efficient and timely manner so that your operations and personnel are not affected.

Looking for a roof repair service that can encompass a complete evaluation on future potential water intrusion problems and provide you with viable repair or replacement solutions? That’s us. How about a repair estimate that considers your particular situation and budget? We provide that, too.

What’s more, we offer prompt emergency repair services to our preferred customers.

For a commercial roofing job done right – the first time – call us for more information.