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Founded in 1958 by John B. “Jack” Colbert. Colbert Enterprises began as a restoration contractor for insurance companies into the 60’s. The company concentrated primarily on roofing and fencing. The show was located in Alexandria, in downtown Del Ray. Jack expanded his interests and opened a roofing supply house that could custom cut roofing insulation.

In the early seventies, the office and shop were moved a few blocks toward the city to E. Howell Avenue. The company ran a full service sheet metal shop and roofing company out of what is now known as Potomac Yard.

Jack’s son, Jerry joined the company in 1972 and began to grow the company. With this growth, the company needed more space. In 1980, the company left Alexandria and moved to its current location in Springfield. The offices and full service mechanic and sheet metal shop allowed for more expansion. With the move, the company wanted to solidify its brand in the market and changed the name to Colbert Roofing Corporation.

From 1983 to 1990, Jerry had a successful run with his own full service roof repair shop. In 1990, he returned and purchased the business from his father. A short while liter, Jerry’s son, Chris, joined the company.

Since 1998, Chris has had a hands on approach to the company and continues the success of this 3rd generation company. With an emphasis on personalized service, this third generation company is the company of choice when it comes to roofing needs.